Legacy of Lies by Jillian David

Wow, well that was a surprise, I haven’t read anything by this author previously but that is very much my mistake because judging by this book, I may have been missing out!

There is more to Garrison Taggert than meets the eye but that isn’t what initially comes to mind as you read your way through this story, what is blatantly obvious is the fact that he is up to his eyes in responsibility. Single parent, raising his son Zach, who is the absolute apple of his eye, he is also doing everything he can to keep his father’s ranch from failing but it isn’t as easy as one might think when it looks like the damage that is being done is being orchestrated!

Sara Lopez, works in Zach’s school and when she expresses her thoughts on a situation that appears to be brewing between Zach and a couple of other boys in the school, it is safe to say that Garrison doesn’t take the news well, especially when the boys involved happen to be related to the school principal.

They seemed to be at opposite ends of the same rope in some respects, Sara has a plan to do what she has to do to pay off what she owes and then be on her merry way, moving on to other things, Copper River isn’t where she sees her long term future being, Garrison on the other hand can’t see his future anywhere else, the ranch is in his DNA and he is going to fight with everything he has to save it and with pressure from all sides he has his work cut out. Especially when he is faced with relentless pressure from the folks who own the neighbouring ranch.

The Brand family own the ranch next door and while they have been banging on at Garrison and his father to get them to sell but all to no avail, but this situation was going to get a little more muddied than anyone could have ever imagined because having previously been in a relationship with Hank Brand and now in a fledging relationship with Garrison…Sara is definitely in the spotlight and it isn’t somewhere she is comfortable being.

But will she cave to unwarranted pressure and blackmail by Hank and give up on Garrison? I had everything crossed that she was made of tougher stuff and that she would ride it out! And when she gets wind of the fact that a plot is afoot to kidnap Zach, I would have to say that Sara did me proud, she really came into her own but with obstacles still to overcome, she was eventually left relying on Garrison to find her and Zach before it was too late?

Could he save his son? Could he find them in time or would he be facing a tragedy and more importantly would he be able to protect his secret?

What secret? Yep, I know I kept that little gem to myself, but Garrison isn’t just any ordinary rancher, he has this very special ability that he prefers to keep to himself but when it comes to a choice between saving his boy and keeping ability secret, there really is no choice at all…but what will it cost him in the long run?

The story was fabulous, the characters were engaging, the descriptions that the author was able to piece together were fantastic, so evocative and brilliantly illuminating. I adored the scenario and the way the story’s pace ebbed and flowed with an almost natural pulse.

Great book!

Topic: Legacy of Lies by Jillian David

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