Obsession by SM Phillips

Well, now now- life just got very interesting!!! Jensen Blake is in the house!!

I just couldn’t help myself as politically incorrect he may be at times, the man just has something about him that sent a tingle right to my toes.

Anna is holed up at her cousin Holly’s house and has been dumped straight in at the deep end looking after Holly’s business a popular bar * Temptation” , when Holly takes off with her new man.

Not the shrinking violet type, Anna is fairly abrasive, to be honest I wasn’t sure I liked her to start with and I am still a little 50/50 but there is a back story lurking around there that I would have liked to have had a bit more of but the author is playing that card very close to her chest.

Whatever is going on and has her miles from home, she thinks she is beginning to find her feet when Holly does the unthinkable and sells not only the bar but the house.

In steps Jensen, in all his glory!

Look up Alpha in the diary and I am sure that Jensen will be battling to be the quintessential definition of the word – he is so damn sure of himself but he has other things on his mind and much like Anna a history that is seriously jaded.

Getting Anna on side is not an easy task when it comes to light that he has bought the bar, but dear lord when he rocks up at the house all hell breaks loose but can this pair become roomies without the overwhelming desire to kill each other taking over or will other desires take over.

Well, what do you think, can she resist his charm?- Can she hell but does it all end well – not a chance!

Jensen makes his move and she falls for it, the morning after is difficult and crossed wires mean that they are further apart than ever but when Minnie adds her tuppence worth to the mix and Jed helps to bring Jensen’s arrogant possessive streak into the mix, they are left with little choice but to try and work it out – Jensen faces uncharted territory but is honest with Anna about how he feels about her but will he get the chance to have her again because his or more importantly his brother’s past seems too have caught up with them.

The story has so much more to give that I am looking forward to the next book already. I want to hear more of Mitchell and the mysterious Dominic.

 I want to know if my hunch is correct in that the connection somewhere between whatever happened to Anna to make her run and the Blake brothers is going to be epic is correct. It is all so cloak and dagger that my mind is working overtime and also who the hell is Jed and why is he so fixated on Anna?

I like Boyd, he seemed like the loveable rogue who will do anything for his best friend Jensen, I also like Joey, Anna’s hapless sidekick from the bar.

But most of all I was besotted by Jensen, he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he is flavour of my month at the minute!!!