Betting on Bailey

by Tara Crescent


I hadn’t read anything by this author before but I must say she is firmly on my TBR list now. This was a super read, funny, charming and certainly steamy.

Bailey is a clever woman, making her way up the academic ladder at NYU but isn’t it often the case that a smart woman gets caught up with a worthless man. But good on her when she eventually made her mind up that she deserved better and dumped his sorry butt!

Unfortunately Trevor wasn’t done being a douche – and I have to say that his little tantrum and pathetic gesture was such a nasty move that the little I had thought of him up until that point went flying out of the window – really man get a life!

But he has forced her hand, she needs to find the money to meet his demand and what is better than taking his infantile fight into his playpen…this professional pool player is about to get played in the best possible way because Bailey decides to beat him at his own game…literally!

I was smiling from ear to ear at this point – you go girl!

So with her mind made up, she only has one problem – she needs to learn to play and that quest, with a little shove from her girlfriends brings her into contact with Daniel and Sebastian – a two for one deal that she wasn’t expecting.

This pool team is one I definitely want to be joining…please!

Now this dynamic duo are the best of friends and that is probably for the best because adding Bailey into their mix was a stroke of genius. But they are dead set on helping her to dish Trevor up a lesson that he will never forget and quickly set about showing Bailey the ropes.

Powerful men in their own right, this sexy billionaire and kick ass super chef had it all going on and left nothing behind. But when they start to feel more than friendship growing between them and Bailey I was relieved that the author gave them plenty to build on.

But keeping their delectations out of the public eye is a full time job for them both and they are perfectly well aware that there are those that would love to share their personal relationships with the world for nothing more than salacious gossip, so they have to find a way to make this work – that is something they both agree on.

They were normal in many respects but they were extraordinary in others and the relationship that developed between the three of them was perfect for them. They nurtured Bailey in many respects, definitely more than she considered but it was beautiful to see the confidence that they not only gave but encouraged her to find in herself.

Between the sheets and anywhere else they could imagine they were smouldering and they just worked so well together but they also worked independently and that was refreshing – they had lives to lead and they had roles to fulfil, I just hoped that they were able to do that together?

Could they keep their private life, private?

Oh and more to the point, could Bailey teach Trevor the lesson he so richly deserved?

Fingers were crossed!!!

Topic: Betting on Bailey by Tara Crescent

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