The Fall by Kate Stewart


A second chance story that will pull at your heartstrings.

Dallas and Dean gave in to the true feelings that their friendship masked for so long but their happiness was short lived, they had their time and it was their most beautiful year but when it fell apart they were left broken and so was their friendship and since that day they have spent far too long estranged.  

I liked the methodology that was used by the author the fact that she allowed them both to have their say and that as they reminisced we could see the events that haunted their memories almost first hand. There were moments when the story pitched back and forth and I was at odds with whether I had or hadn’t had my fill of the past at that precise point.

I loved seeing how they had managed to get to that position and in my head I couldn’t help but try to work out what they were going to do now, they had my imagination completely enraptured.

It wasn’t easy, then things like this never are but I took comfort in the fact that Dean was willing to step up and put in the time and effort to get Dallas back, his resolve was complete and that made me smile. For a strong, dominant man he was more demonstrative than I had anticipated.

He was not going to give in under any circumstances and at first i thought he was just being too presumptuous but I soon saw why he was the way he was and I admired his determination. Dallas on the other hand was a completely different ball game, I struggled with her a little, or quite a bit actually but once I got my head around what was swirling around her head, I could see where she was coming for and she was impossible not to fall in love with.

Please don’t for one minute think that you will make it through this book without a packet of tissues by your side, because that is not the case.

This is an emotional story and you will cry!

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