by Kristine Dugger

I loved the fact the story was told from the male point of view because Blake certainly had a lot to say.

Miranda on the other hand wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I found her more than a little confusing and at times, she just downright pi**ed me off.

Blake took a lot more attitude from Miranda than many men would have and while at times that was a little frustrating, but in other respects I think the author was very clever because it also worked, in as much as it also gave me a chance to see the independent streak that ran right through Miranda.

Blake stuck with it though everything and was determined to win her over, or perhaps wear her down might be a better turn of phrase.

While his determination was absolutely endearing, I thought that Miranda seemed a little too measured, she had an aura of almost defiance that she hid behind, could Blake chip away at her walls?

The book was well written giving solid characters the opportunity to express both their good and bad sides, after all no-one is perfect and I think that is what I took from this. They both made mistakes but in the end, they brought out my emotions and I couldn’t help but fall for them…well Blake actually but its all the same really!

Topic: Broken by Kristine Dugger

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