Sexy Suit

A great read, beautifully written, with a superb cast of characters who were more than willing to lay everything they were feeling on the line.
Having only read from the is author on one other occasion I was still finding my feet so to speak with her style but by the time I had finished this read…I am a convert - this was fab.
The story was a real opposites attract story, I really was at a loss as to see initially how Ryan and Addie were going to find their common ground but when they did, it all made perfect sense.
I would say that overall I liked Ryan, but what I really liked was the fact that meeting Addie knocked him on his a$$, she was the fly in his ointment , he had no idea how to deal with her and how she made him feel – I couldn’t help but smile!
I loved Addie’s dog by the way, he was integral to the whole story and whilst there were times when it was fairly easy to see where the story was going, not everything was predictable and that I really liked.

Topic: Sexy Suit by J.H. Croix

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