Distraction by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Sven is at the centre of Maggie’s mission to discover what the heck happened to her sister.

Her only clue is the fact that her sister has said that she was at Sven’s club on the Strip but the sceptic in me couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t more to it. Whether or not I believed her was irrelevant because Maggie did and like a dog with a bone, she was determined that if there were dodgy goings on in the club, then Sven would pay for what happened.

The only problem with that was the fact that Sven could see straight through her and knew that it in order to keep a close eye on Maggie he had to keep her reigned in so to speak, she had the potential to be a colossal pain in the butt so his resolve to curb her amateur sleuthing was to keep her closer than he probably should…he offered her a job.

Now Sven was as expected, an almost type Aurora Rose Reynolds alpha male, but this didn’t exactly fit the typical pattern of the other books that I have read by the author, Sven was Ok but the connection between him and Maggie missed something for me.

This stood proud as a standalone within the series, I just don’t think it was able to stand quite as tall, it had me chomping at the bit for an ending that would blow my socks off but it didn’t seem to materialise in the way I had anticipated. The book had plenty of suspense, the ending just seemed to close the door too quickly for my liking.

I liked that the series definitely tied well together. And I liked Sven and Maggie, I just didn’t love them.

This author is one of my go to ladies, and this book hasn’t changed that, the story is beautifully written, the characters are engaging and there is an undercurrent of both suspense and humour.

I look forward to the next book

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