The Trouble with Marrying a Movie Star by Z N Willett

I started this book hot on the heels of book one and full of hope that the two of them would have what it takes to weather the storm of being in a high profile relationship.

They potentially were perfect for each other and I had my fingers crossed that they were willing to fight for each other.

Andrew really was the epitome of a movie heartthrob but he showered Andria with so much love that I was finally smiling as he became the man that I wanted for her, a man that was sweet and loving and that no matter how far apart they were made sure that she knew that she was what he needed.

Andria’s career was in full flow and that was an added pressure that they could have perhaps done without but I thought that it was a clever move to have them on an almost equal footing, I know she was never going to completely compete with his success but she had her fans and followers and I think because of that she was better able to understand what he was going through.

She found her feet so to speak, and she was strong enough to stand beside her man and not shrink at the pressure the world placed on them.

They loved each other but was that ever going to be enough?

Could they survive the distance that their schedules placed upon them?

After the rocky start I had personally with the first book, I can finally say that I am hooked and desperate to read the next book

Topic: The Trouble with Marrying a Movie Star by Z N Willett

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