Broken by Kelly Elliott



Broken by Kelly Elliott


Book One in the Broken Series this is the story of Whitley Reynolds and Layton Morris.

Layton is the smoking hot cowboy who lives alone following the death of his brother. Broken and alone he feels nothing but pain and isolation. Whitley has left New York after finally escaping the clutches of her abusive boyfriend and after barely surviving a horrific beating.

Both characters are in need of a fresh start but both have hit rock bottom. The need each other but will either of them have the ability to move on, to learn to trust and open their hearts again.

Whitley and her best friend Courtney arrive in Llano Texas ready to start afresh. Full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm for their new venture – Event Planning.

Layton, the quintessential southern gentleman - comes to her aid when her car breaks down on her way to see her very first client and despite all the reasons to stay well clear, he may just not be able too.

In his 25 years Layton Morris has experienced enough heartache to last him a life time. The passing of his mother when he was a child destroyed his family when his father eventually walked out unable to take the constant reminders of the loss of his wife. Layton was left with his brother, who has recent passed away following an accident – leaving Layton alone and angry at the world and the final kicker the woman he loved left him immediately after the death of his brother – compounding his pain and isolation.

Her betrayal hits him hard and he closes the door to his heart, determined that he will never let anyone hurt him in that way again.

Devoted to the ranch and the work his brother had begun, he has little time or energy for anything else. But after setting eyes on Whitley, his priorities begin to shift.

A rocky start, leaves them both struggling to come to terms with their attraction to each other but there is nothing they can do to deny the attraction that they have to each other.

When the inevitable happens and they finally give in to their desire – it is both hard and fast in every way, their chemistry is off the charts!

The story includes everything that you would expect, shit loads of sexy hot cowboys, a sprinkling of horses, a smattering of dancing and drinking and unfortunately some nasty ex’s who appear to as hard as fuck to get rid of- makes you wonder why it is a shame you just can’t kill some folk!

This is not some angst riddled, pain filled story of love on the ranch – it’s a hopelessly romantic romp through the Texas Countryside following the trials and tribulations of trying to making good on a promise these two make to themselves - to build a better future.

Layton and Whitley were destined to be together and this ties together beautifully at the end. Fate had a plan for these two from early on – they were players in the game that is love and they fell for each other hook line and sinker.

Rating 4 out of 5