Draft Day

by Toya King

I may be (almost) the ultimate couch potato but I love a good sports romance and this is exactly that!

Friends for a decade or should I say acquaintances because ea long time has passed since the time they spent together in the care system but Deja and Tyler may have drifted apart but that doesn’t mean that when help is required they won’t step up.

Their pasts are far from resolved and although they have both dealt with their situations in different ways, they are both still perfectly well aware of the connection that the time they spent in foster care has had on them.

Tyler is on his way to stardom, his football career is about to see him hit the NFL but after five years away from Deja, he knows that the day she rocks up at the training ground, might just change everything.

Deja needs help and the only person she can think of to turn too ids the boy that protected her for so long, the boy that may have left her behind all those years ago but that she never really let go of, so when she goes to see him, desperate in every sense of the word, just what would they reconnection mean for them both…after all Tyler had the singularly most important day of his life approaching …could she be the spanner in the works that spoiled his Draft Day?

Each of them gave cause for concern, Deja because she was on a slippery slope to oblivion following a whole heap of craziness that she had been through and Tyler because he had a heart the size of Texas and was willing to do whatever it took for Deja and that worried me, I wanted them both to have a HEA but I wasn’t sure that they were going to be mutually agreeable…but this was an author with other things on her mind and she wrote a very touching and astute novel.

She used social commentary to highlight the issues that face many in the world today and she did so with absolute conviction.

So much more than a sport romance…this plays by its own rules.

Topic: Draft Day by Toya King

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