Marry Screw Kill by Liv Morris


All the teasers, all the sneak peeks, the vibe that has been building surrounding this book had left me in no doubt that this is a book I needed to read.

So it was almost reverently that I flipped over the first page hoping that the book was going to deliver what I anticipated and more. It is with that in mind that I will be very sparing when it comes to precise details, because I have no desire to deprive you of that anticipation, that feeling of ...WTF!

I commend the author for a book well written, superbly descriptive, and subtly dark.

It had a cast of characters that each added so much to the storyline that my mind boggles with how on earth the author was able to keep track of them.

I found the storyline garnered a number of reactions from that took me by surprise, there was one character in particular (you’ll see who I mean when you read the book) that I could have quite happily throttled with my bare hands.

I thought that the main character Harlow was one that in a way I felt sorry for, she had suffered but she was continuing to do so and the reasoning initially defeated me but there was so much more to her situation than was made clear initially and as the book evolved and divulged the fog lifted and I could hardly believe what I was reading, I was quite literally glued to each page

I couldn’t put the book down, I became not only invested in their lives and the outcome of their story but also in them as people, I know that sound nuts they are imaginary but their issues felt so real, the situations so clear that getting to the end was an obsession.

If you are looking for something to completely consume you, then this is your book!

One of the best this year so far!

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