by LA Casey


Following on from the end of Bronagh, we are treated to the next of the Slater brothers to get the LA Casey treatment and I have to say that despite some of the controversy that certain aspects of this book has amassed, I absolutely loved Alec Slater.
Yes, he fucked up epically but I think my friend Suzanne pegged him just right when we discussed the book after I had finished, “Poor manipulated little sex god” xx
This just about sums him up perfectly.
Alec made me laugh, his character was his strength, the former escort – was now retired, but the in his prime Alec Slater was re-known for never bedding the same person twice, be they male or female, Alec wasn’t one to discriminate.
This man lived life by his own rules, most of the time and now he was out of the business he was quite partial to his self-autonomy.
That is all well and good until he meets Keela.
Keela turns up to collect her friend Aideen from Bronagh’s birthday bash and is quite forceful when she lets both Kane and Alec know that she holds them both responsible for the fact that Aideen was attacked in the club, although a drunk Aideen doesn’t appear to be remotely concerned.
Keela is dumped on from a huge height the following morning when she opens her worst nightmare in the mail, a wedding invitation to her cousin Micah's wedding in the Caribbean, it is a shame that she is marrying the one guy that Keela can’t stand, the same guy that used her as his weapon of choice, when he wooed her and took her virginity as a means to get back at her cousin- hell I’d have knifed him!!
Keela would rather run over hot coals than attend the wedding but with the devil herself as a mother, Keela knows that she has no chance of getting out of the trip, so with Aideen’s input – when sets off to ask a favour from the one person she would rather never clap eyes on again – Alec Slater.
Keela wants Alec to escort her to the wedding and to pretend to be her boyfriend. No hardship in that you think.
Unless you are Alec because he is determined to get not just under the skin of this woman, he is determined to get her underneath him but not until she begs him!
So operation Keela is underway and Alec sets about his task like a man possessed… I mean by the time she leaves the house, his bags are packed and he is moving in!
I love Alec, he was so funny, and he refused to give an inch with Keela with some fabulously funniest results and brilliant amusing banter between the pair of them.
Keela was a feisty, funny girl but boy, was she naive. She took it well when she discovered what Alec used to do for a living, in fact I thought that aspect of the books was handled really well.
But I doubled over laughing when the two of them got their banter going because they were bloody hysterical.
While Keela appealed to me in as much as she was prepared to say her piece, it was the portrayal of Alec that opened my heart.
In fact I think he stole a piece while he was in there… he had everything, he was drop dead gorgeous, could charm the pants of the most uptight of arses, had not only a little smudging of alpha in his locker but a whole bucket load of sexiness going on.
But there was just that little something that was so loveable about him that I could feel my heart melting.
I know that the scene that had everyone up in arms was beyond cruel but to be honest I could understand its place in the story. I understood why he did it, I mean perhaps he could have found a better way but he was between a rock and a hard place in as much as the situation really was beyond of his control.
I mean did Keela not also do what she had to do to keep the bad guys at bay? And her bad guy was flesh and blood!!
Staying away is not in his DNA because he has his wish, this woman has found her way under his skin and he loves her.
He would rather die now than live forever with her thinking that he didn’t care. When he fronts her, I was wringing my hands in anticipation. Because I wanted them to find a way to make it work, I wanted Alec to have what he wanted for once and I needed to know that he was happy.
Alec is a good guy, caught up in a bad situation but one that faced up to his wrong doings and resolved to put it right. Keela is a lucky girl to have him.
The rest of the Slater crew are of course present throughout the book and the twists and turns whilst not head spinning, they keep you on your toes.
These books are getting better or at least the Slater men are, I mean Dominic was great and I have lost a little piece of my heart to Alec but I have a feeling that Kane will rip my heart out because I have a bad feeling about what is going on with him and I already have everything crossed that I am wrong!