Secured Heart by Measha Stone



Finding true love is never a smooth ride but when Kelly decided to take herself to task and get find the man of her dreams, she never for one minute thought she might be putting more than her heart on the line, she may just be putting herself at risk.

Kelly is a great character but ever so slightly deluded in some respect because she is trying to find a man to live up to the dreams that she has harboured for years, the perfect man, a man that will stand tall by her side as her husband and father to the children that she craves.

She is all for the white picket fence and happy ever after, the only issue is the fact that she hasn’t even got one foot on the ladder to that goal.

Pull herself up by her bootstraps, she decides to be more proactive – her hormones aren’t getting any younger after all and throwing caution to the wind she jumps in at the deep end and finds herself at a BDSM club.

Not your average hunting ground, I mean these guys have particular tastes but Kelly doesn’t see the danger until it is too late, luck for her though Kendrick McFall sees everything and against his initial instincts he just can’t help but protect this engaging woman.
Kendrick deals with danger on a day to day basis, running a security firm, he has perfectly well aware of all that is evil in the world but he is also perfectly placed to be able to understand the danger that Kelly is in as she takes steps into the world that she knows so little about, Kendrick has embraced that lifestyle and while she may not be his, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want her to be.

But can he have her? And can he give her not only what she needs but what her heart holds most dear?

Will their demons come between them or will they find that they can survive the pressures the face to find their happy ever after?

This is a sexy little tale that is far from shy when dishing up sex scenes, but it is done with a deft touch and credibility.

I like Kendrick, he was a good guy and while I understood Kelly’s determination I was aghast at the fact that she was initially so nonplussed about the situation she found herself in.

The characters were charming, the story loving and the relationship between the main characters was both humorous and indulgent.

They made me smile but they also made me laugh and ultimately they had me rooting for them.