Spied by J M Miller

This was a clever, funny read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I liked Gia although at times I found that she was a little ditzy almost. The dichotomy of her life was pitched perfectly by the author, but I suppose she really was a romantic in all senses of the word, she wanted to make sure that romance was the winner, no matter what. She gave every bride that walked through the doors of the bridal shop that she worked in the best of her, her undivided attention and the full bridal experience but when the shop door closed and the lights were switched off, she set about allaying the fear of those brides that weren’t quite so sure that their happy ever after was going to be possible.

Spying on potential cheating partners is probably as far from the day job as you could get but was it really?…She was looking out for love either way.

Caught in the act of spying on her latest mark, Gia had more to consider now than she had bargained for because no matter how hard she tries to stay under the radar so to speak, Mark can see straight through her but she be able to keep task a secret, especially once she realises that Mark is connected to the guy she is watching.

I liked the two of them, especially Mark but that isn’t to say that Gia wasn’t great she was, he was just a little bit easier to fall hopelessly in love with. He was a really good guy who was willing to do whatever it took to get the woman he wanted.

Topic: Spied by J M Miller

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