The Scars Between Us

by MK Schiller

If I were to be totally honest which I endeavour always to be, I found this one a little tough to get through. It took me a while to settle into it and once I did, it again took me longer than I would have hoped to make my way through it. Why that is I am not exactly sure but I just know that while it was methodical progress, it was also worthwhile.

Emma was a tough cookie and I think that is what threw me off kilter somewhat because while I understood why she was travelling to Texas to meet a man she didn’t know for a reason that’s he also didn’t know, I also wondered would she really bother?

But I suppose that was testament to the woman she was, she had promised her dying mother and being true to her word, she was going to make sure that she lived up to the promise. I admired that about her and that wasn’t the only thing I admired. She had an inner strength that despite the hostility that she was faced with initially gave her the fortitude to dig in and to meet Aiden Sheffield head on!

While she had no idea who or what meeting Aiden was all about I was suitably certain that what she got when she arrived in Texas was so far of her radar that I was stunned that they didn’t have to pick her up off the floor.

Ex-Marine Aiden was a force to be reckoned with, a bad boy in every conceivable sense of the word but with a heart that spoke volumes. He may be a wow in the MMA world but his passion as the rescue dogs that he worked with…I’ll pause a second……yep you ready now – I know I swooned too!

His attitude towards Emma was anything but affable when they first met but this was a woman that had no issue breaking down his walls, it was only matter of time and that is what made this book, the fact that the two of them fed off each other and the push and pull was superb. Emma knew with every ounce of her being how Aiden felt about her and despite himself she wasn’t going to let him …watch her walk away, he had too much in the tank for that and she was willing to fight with everything she had for everything they could have together.

A heart-warming read that was dotted with humour and brimming with emotion, a great story.

Topic: The Scars Between Us by MK Schiller

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