Anchor by M Mabie

If you haven’t read Bait and Sail then I strongly suggest that you do so before you even consider picking this book up. Not only are they essential to the storyline but they are books that you really should not miss.

Anchor hitches up right where Sail left off and despite what happened Casey and Blake are finally giving things a go, although it is tentative at the moment. They have a whole host of hurdles to overcome before they can find an even playing field upon which to build their relationship but at least they have a start point.

They are besotted with each other but they have past issues to resolve and that is never and easy task.

The book isn’t particularly angst riddled so to speak, it rides the wave of turmoil rather than gets swamped by it. They have their ups and downs but it is only by giving themselves the time they need to recover and compose, that they can strengthen the way they feel about each other.

Blake had to take time to make sure she was the woman she wanted to be but it is with Casey’s help that she was able to do so. Casey is an astonishing character, not only is he handsome and caring but he is so funny that you cannot help but be enamoured by him. His devotion to Blake was breath-taking.

The relationship between the two of them was so sharp, so intense and completely engaging. I felt as if I had my heart in my mouth but in truth it was them that held my heart in their hands, I loved this pair – really they were so genuinely charming that they made me not only swoon but weep.

The three books in the series have been a journey that I will carry with me, they have ridden rough shod over my emotions and cared nothing about doing so, they have put themselves first and forced me to pay attention to the depths to which they have plummeted my soul. I have been elated at times, bereft at others but it all swept along to leave me exalted in the end.

A perfect end to what has been one of my favourite series reads so far this year.

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