Slide by T Gephart

Over the course of the last year I have become a complete T Gephart devotee, so when this the first book in a new series became available I was so excited and now I have finished it well, all I will say is that I have found it impossible to wipe the smile from my face.

Black Addition have just come off tour and Rusty has the whole rock star vibe perfected and as much as his ego is seriously at risk of disappearing into the stratosphere, I couldn’t help but like the guy or maybe that was my rock star fixation leading me by the nose! Well I could hope.

On the other side of this coin was Alison, desperately trying to keep her secret relationship with her boss under wraps long enough to get the promotion that she feels that she has been working towards since she decided to follow her own path through college and forge a career unlike her mother.

But everything she thought she had was cruelly snatched from her and her faith in those around her is at rock bottom, much like she is.

But when Alison and Rusty collide, I wasn’t sure what would be left at the end, because they were at polar opposite ends of the spectrum.

I am happy to say that my hunch about Rusty was not entirely without justification and he does everything he can to show this woman who is running on empty that she deserves better in life. She is worth more and I loved his enthusiasm and determination to show her exactly what he could see, the woman that she deserved to allow herself to be.

Rusty was great for Alison, he was the catalyst that she needed but could he hold her up if it all fell around her again?

I loved the relationship between the two of them, Alison’s lack of brain to mouth filter and Rusty… well I just loved him.

The book was funny, it was romantic and it’s passionate. Both Alison and Rusty were characters that were hard not to enjoy although she did take a little more getting used to than he did.

I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the interactions and I enjoyed the ebb and flow of what they brought into each other’s lives.

A superb start to the series and I am looking forward to the next book.

Topic: Slide by T Gephart

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