Holding Haley by Jill Sanders

Holding Haley by Jill Sanders

Book 3 of the West Series


Haley West has only ever loved one guy and after breaking her young heart when he left to join the military, she struggled to put the pieces back together and carry on.

Wes Tanner’s heart belonged to Haley- it always had but now he was back from war, he faced his greatest battle- one he couldn’t afford to lose – because the prize was the only one that mattered and the  fight was to win his girl back.

Young love had been kind to both Haley and Wes, they were devoted to each other throughout high school but when Haley discovered at the Prom that the love of her life had enlisted and neglected to let her know of his plans, she was devastated. How could he leave her – walk away and not have told her what he was up to?

The years may have passed and life has worn them both well but sometimes a broken heart is just not meant to heal. When Wes returns, the feelings are back for them both but is it too late?

Tortured by the events that he has suffered whilst on tour with the military, only one thing will sooth his tortured soul and that is the prospect of his happy ever after with Haley but plagued by doubts, Haley knows that she can love Wes again – hell, she never really stopped but can she trust him not to break her heart?

The end result was never in doubt for this pair, it was pretty well destined from the first page

I loved the path Haley and Wes took us on, their journey while not exactly angst filled – was not straight forward. They both had to learn to trust and move forward, recriminations aside – the love they had shared as youngsters stood them in good stead for a their life together.

Haley’s sisters and their families are present again in this book and it was good to catch up with them.

Rating 4 out of 5