Boondocks by Casey Peeler

This was a cute read. Characters that were easy to give your heart permission to fall completely in love with.

There was enough going on throughout the book to hold my attention from start to finish but it was the connection between Walker and Chauna that had me happy to be in the company.
Walker was screaming out for roots, somewhere he could belong, he had spent most of his life moving from one place to another, primarily because his father didn’t seem to have the capacity to actually hold down a normal job, much preferring to live his life and by default consigning his family to life not only on the wrong side of the law but effectively on the run.

Desperate to get to eighteen and to break free from the life his pathetically abhorrent parents had foisted upon him with his folks but that was a little ways off yet and until then he was back in the frame, playing along with his father’s latest scheme.

Reluctant as usual to be involved, the small town of Barber was a means to an end for Walker’s father but when Walker meet Chauna he knew that this little town and this particularly beautiful girl was going to change his life, he was besotted with her.

Chauna felt much the same way, this sexy newcomer piqued her interest and as they began to get to know each other there was only ever one way this was going, but they had a whole heap of baggage to get over before they found their happy!

Could Walker show Chauna who he really was? Could he let her see what really made him tick, the secrets that he had been forced to conceal? He wanted more than anything to open up to her but never really got the chance to do so of his own accord, that decision was out of his hands on one fateful night when their lives changed irrevocably.

But was it all over? Had the line in the sand finally been crossed or could Walker get what he wanted most…Chauna?

This was a great read, wonderfully written.

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