Step F*@k by Scarlett Ward


This isn’t going to take you long to read but it kicks off this new series an absolute treat.

Emma is set up by her best friend Megan, no, not in the conventional sense, Megan has turned to modern technology in a bid to try a shake her BFF from under the misery cloud that has been hanging around her for so long.

She has signed her up to a dating website, hoping that she can find Emma a man, a distraction just someone to take her mind off the crappy breakup of her last relationship and moreover to get her mind off her mother’s impending nuptials.

While she is initially peeved, at her friends assumption that she is incapable of getting herself a man, or that she actually needs one, she couldn’t help but change her tune when a message popped through from a potential suitor and with a bit of coercion from Megan, Emma eventually relents and agrees to meet him.

Now sexystranger258 is the deliciously sexy Jai, a visitor in town just looking for a bit of fun to while away the days.

He is new in town visiting from across the pond, this London boy is whistling away his time while he waits on his father, who is getting married- yep the penny has dropped hasn’t it!

So when he gets the green light for a meet at his hotel, he is delighted- but when Emma turns up the heat factor of the book just shot through the roof!!

The pair of them had chemistry that was of the charts and I have to say that with more of that to come, this looks like being a series that will be seriously entertaining.