Eraser by Megan Keith



Eraser by Megan Keith

OMG - I am beyond conflicted with this one but in a good way!!!!

The book was staggering - it was intense, erotic and completely consuming but had one tiny fault - it was way too short!!

And that ending - god help me! I was realing when I realised that it was finished.

I have heard about leaving a reader wanting more - but this left me bereft.

Not for the faint hearted the story is full on from the first page and the interaction between Mack and "Sir" was as steamy and erotic as any you will read.

It made me gasp and question in my mind if I wanted to read anymore but there was absolutely no chance that I could tear my eyes away from the page.

Mackenzie faces a reckoning when she gets her chance with "Him". Awakening everything domant and unexplored within her - he rocks her to her core and she in turn learns that she is more than the norm, she is capable of extra-ordianary. She can be that girl - the one she never through she could - the one that deserves her place in his world.

He on the other hand is an enigma, he seems cruel and the coldest of dominants,I mean I physically flinched when he slapped her across the face, I felt violated for her! - but I couldn't turn away from him - he held my attention and demanded that I saw him out to the end.

I felt for Mackenzie after their encounter but as she held her head high and got on with life - I crossed my heart that "Sir" would return.

With that in mind I was bubbling by the time I got to the last page- he made sense and she was worth it.

For all that is holy Ms Keith please give us more of Sir and Mackenzie- My soul wont be able to cope without a follow up.

Rating - 5 out of 5 ( and not normally being a lover of Novella's - this was amazing)