by N A Alcorn



This series has gotten off to a flying start!

I adored the path that this book has set off on, the journey that Brooke has undertaken and the reasoning behind it.

But be warned, you will be aghast from the prologue – Yes, it really is that sort of read!

The story centres on Brooke and the fact that her Grandmother could see that without a decisive push she was never going to give herself the opportunity to spread her wings and fly.

So her Grandmother takes things into her own hands and sets the wheels in motion. One letter, One dying wish and this young lady is living a life that she would have denied herself but so needed to participate in.

Paris is the key to the new Brooke, the woman that can finally take control and allow herself to shine, to make her music and to experience everything that her life and love can be.

I loved the fact that she has own agenda, her own plan and now that she is in the city she is ready to embrace what it has to offer.

And what exactly does this spectacular city have to offer?

Well she finds out that it has plenty but most of all she find Dylan and from that fleeting  glance on the metro, so much more is born.

Their story is complex, it has so much going on and what transpires between them is just a singular vein of the narrative that is thread through the story, is enchanting, but it is bordered by a broader picture. There are a multitude of emotions that penetrate the story and help it to both ebb and flow.

The love story that is woven around them is both delicate but encapsulating and the tale is certainly evocative. It is chock full of laughter and joy – but tinged with just a smattering of sadness and a slice of mystery.

I loved the relationship between Brooke and her best friend, Lindsay, the joy between them was delightful and they were both so funny.

As a first book, I was hooked, I can’t wait until the next book is released next year.

Topic: Forget by N A Alcorn

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