His to Seduce

by Stacey Lynn

This is the final book in the series and although the fact that this was wrapping everything up meant that I felt slightly off kilter for much of the story, it didn’t distract me form the fact that this in its own right was a super story.

This was David and Camden’s story and wow, what a story!

Camden was so careful, the sort of woman that doesn’t take things at face value and likes to dot all the I’s and crossing every T. She does her homework on everything in life and while I think that might be a very claustrophobic way to function, I sort of understood why she was the way she was and I think I admired the fact that she was true to herself BUT when she took a leap of faith while in Jamaica, I was whooping with delight…was the start of something totally fantastic? Would we finally see the complete Camden?

David had left his true profession behind, leaving medicine to become a bartender and yep, I know some may say WTF but he had his reasons and like Camden I think I understood why he had done so. He kept his past as a closely guarded secret, not that he had folk absolutely sworn to secrecy nope, he just made sure that only a select few knew about his past and those that did where more than willing to leave him to tell his own tale.

But with Camden he knew she wasn’t the sort of girl that would take his subterfuge kindly, could he make sure that she got to see who he was before the true he wanted to keep to himself reared its head?

This was a story of personal journeys, both individually and as a couple, I wanted nothing more than for the two of them to be the shoulder that they had to lean on and in many respects, they were. They presented each other with a balance that as individuals they were missing. Camden was able to take steps towards being the woman she used to be with David by her side and I don’t think that, that would have been possible with anyone else.

I liked the fact that the author peppered the story with little pockets of angst and attitude and that they both had to face their demons head on in order to move forward, I just wasn’t sure whether I would get the happy ever after that I wanted or if the author had something more tucked up her sleeve.

Superbly written with a cast of characters that were eclectic and enticing, I was totally absorbed and thoroughly invested…great read!

Topic: His to Seduce by Stacey Lynn

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