Get Rocked? The Next Generation Series #2 by KE Osborn

This is Caleb and Indi in all their glory and their story is as tough as you could possibly imagine.

Indi’s childhood as a less than stellar affair, her parents were nothing more than youngsters themselves, they were ill prepared to be parents and as a result she spent much of her time around Caleb and his family.

When events overtake all of them, she is left with limited options and being left on her own, she takes the momentous decision to move in with Caleb and his family. This solidified the relationship that they had already established and from that day forward they were practically joined at the hip.

Life through the years for the two of them is good, but their connection is difficult to quantify. The feelings that they have morph into more than they would have possibly imagined but Indi was a worrier, she knew how she felt but she was concerned that Caleb didn’t feel the same, or of he did it wouldn’t be enough.

I have an issue with this self-doubt because I didn’t see how the situation between warranted her feeling this way but maybe that is just me. I think it said more about how she felt about herself rather than how she felt about Caleb– but I understood that the naivety of youth was what was pushing all her buttons. Her feelings had her running scared, and as such she did what was expected, she ran.

I was devastated for Caleb, she broke his heart. He struggled to comprehend why she had taken off but he refused to give up. She had been a huge part of his life for so long that living it without her in it, was soul destroying.

He tried incessantly, week in week out to reach out to her, to track her down and win her back but all to no avail and years later despite all his attempts he was still without her. Questioning what the hell when wrong had him second guessing himself to some extent and left him understandably reluctant to commit.

Indi took his heart with him the day she left, it is not his to give away anymore, so living in a vacuous state, Caleb is the very embodiment of manwhore, meaningless one night stands are order of the day, but none of them are able to stem the hurt that flow through his veins, the pain that he feels each and every day.

But after six long hard years, circumstance has them thrown back together and while the reunion resolves the issue of distance, there is still so much more that lies between these two, all the pain and insecurities are so much more than can be swept aside.

I had everything crossed for these two, I hoped that given enough time and understanding they would be able to find a way back to each other and a way for them to give me what I needed – them together!

But I hadn’t bargained on the maliciousness that was Ashley- what a bitch!

She really was a thorn in their side and her meddling as at times was more than I could cope with, so my heart went out to the two of them for what she was putting them through, she was enough to test the patience of a saint and in their vulnerable state they just didn’t seem strong enough to handle her.

Caleb was left with a decision to make, one that was going to break his heart again but isn’t it always said that if you love someone set them free, if it is meant to be they will come back to you – so letting her go and giving her enough opportunity to return might just be what he had to do.

He loved her without reproach and I have to say that I was distraught for him, he had suffered so much for so long, and I wanted him to get his girl.

 I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!!