The Fire Below Between High and Lo

by Brittainy C Cherry


This is a certain pull with this book that I couldn’t help but feel draw me into the story but it just didn’t keep me there.

The story was emotional but it had me looking for something else that I just didn’t seem to find, what that was I have no idea but all I can say is that even though my head and heart were being difficult, the book was a good read.

Logan and Alyssa are friends who despite the obstacles that have been put in their way are able to move their relationship out of the friend-zone. I was a certain that the author was going to make them work hard to get to anywhere near a happy ever after but overcoming the issues that have not only plagued Logan in the past but refuse to cut him loose was going to be a herculean task.

But how was it that Alyssa was the one that seemed to be doing all the work, I found it odd that she almost willingly allowed him to just slope off with her heart, to god knows where, to do god knows what and when he came back, it was just forgiven. I would have been looking for more and as a reader I was definitely looking for more!

I liked Logan, I just didn’t love him and I wasn’t above wanting to slap some sense into him, mind you Alyssa fell readily into that category too. Come on woman get a grip, he only does it because you let him! 

She was stronger than she gave herself credit for but Logan was her weakness and he exploited that to his advantage.

They had a lot to give, I just wanted more.

I have to credit the author with a story that was written flawlessly and by giving me characters that made me think, that challenged me but that ultimately ensured that I read right to the very last word, even if it was just to see if they made it or not.

Topic: The Fire Below Between High and Lo by Brittainy C Cherry

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