Game of Hearts

by Cathy Yardley

My favourite of the series so far, and no not because it incorporated the bastions of modern culture and entertainment to the page, in the way that the author littered the story with reference to some of the most successful franchises of modern times. Phenomenon like Assassin’s Creed and Game of Thrones pepper the story and not just as filler, this an author that knows her subject matter and for me that gave the story a totally modern vibe, a twist that I hadn’t expect and ramped up the realism.

Anyway, onto the characters, the story is based around Kyla and Jericho (I love the name btw!) Kyla was a feisty one, she stood her ground and owned her space, she did what she wanted to do for no other reason than it was what she wanted and that is a rare trait. I adored her characterisation, her creativity, especially in the creation of the costumes that she made, this was a woman the was more than willing to not only stand her won ground but to defend it too!

Jericho, oh my, he was the perfect match for Kyla, the balm that soothed her fiery nature but that didn’t extinguish the flame that she was, he was everything she not only needed but could have ever wanted and I was smitten. I liked that he was willing to share the secrets of his past and in the end, I liked the fact that those were laid to rest, he got what he wanted and that included the woman that was by his side.

The two of them were made to be together, their connection was believable, it spoke volumes without actually having to say much at all, they had a friendship that gave them a foundation for everything that was to follow and it as the intensity of that connection that won me over. There may not have been too much angst in the story, but it certainly didn’t lack attitude!!

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