Legally Charming

by Lauren Smith

There were aspects of this story that I totally fell in love with but other bits…well not so much.

Studious Felicity isn’t exactly your typical party girl, in fact she isn’t your anything type, of party girl, happy with her nose in her books and up to her eyes in her studies, she is a rare visitor to any social scene but her friends are throwing a Halloween party and her attendance, well let’s just say she was going…no matter what she thought! Now this I got!

But deciding to let her hair down and dress herself up in as a princess (not sure about the choice of outfit for Halloween, but I let this slide), the story took on its own special shade of sleeping beauty/Cinderella because from then on I think it morphed into an almost modern mish mash of the two.

Tanner's brother Jared isn’t supposed to be coming home on the night of the party, so Tanner tells Felicity that she can spend the night and that she can stay in Jared’s room. One little problem with that is the fact that Jared does in fact turn up and the only thing he m=wants to do is get his head down and preferably not with someone sharing his bed, well at least not initially. But once he sees that he does in fact have company there was an obvious direction for the two of them but they certainly didn’t make the path one that was sprinkled with fairy dust, nope they were hard work!

Jared is a level above Felicity of so she thinks, she has worked her tail off to get everything she has in life but Jared is from money and as much as I could understand her concerns that didn’t mean I didn’t want to grab her by the scruff of the neck and give her a darn good shake. Her concerns said more about her than him and when she walked away it was her own self-worth that she was allowing to dictate her happiness, this was nothing to do with Jared because while there were times where I could have throttled him, he wanted what they had to work, she seemed to hesitant to even give it a proper chance.

They had obstacles, I mean who needs a friend like his mate Thad…you do not make a play for your friend’s girl! Not cool

Also when it comes to her or his job, that is a decision that was also going to be hard to reconcile and with no assistance in the which way to jump category from Felicity I was rooting for him to stay true to himself. Because her incessant toing and froing was grating on me, good god woman make your mind up!

Overall the book was pleasant, it was interesting and charming in its own way.

Would recommend it, probably for a light hearted read to fill the time on a cold weekend but this princess has a lot to do to win me over.

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