Perfect Ten by Nikki Worrell

Nikki Worrell is my guilty pleasure, an author that I read for pure pleasure and despite having read every word she has ever written I have never posted a review of her work, I know shameful but I think I secretly hoped that I could keep her for myself but no such luck the woman is just epic!
Anyway when I caught wind of the new release Perfect Ten, I was whooping with delight – so here it is my first review for an author I truly admire!
Joe is an escort and has for years enjoyed all the sundry perks that he has accrued along the way, he is the agency’s most popular guy and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why but when he steps in as a last minute replacement for a colleague he finds himself paired up with Faith.
I liked Faith, she was normal, a curvy woman with all the hang-ups that go with everyday life and ones that once she claps eyes on the specimen of perfection that is Joe Starling, only multiply tenfold, there is no way she could possibly have a man like Joe interested in her, so why pretend. Having him accompany her to her sister’s wedding just seems like a huge waste of time and a sure fire way to load the ammunition gun that her mother and sisters seem to like to fire her direction at every available opportunity.
But Joe is having none of it, this cute woman has a feeling stirring in him that he had long since side-lined, this is a woman he wants to get to know…and not just in the biblical sense.
Winning Faith over was never going to an easy task but Joe is a man not easily deterred and once he sees for himself, who she really is, he is ready to do the unthinkable and walk away from it all for her.
He fell hook, line and sinker for Faith and despite the fact she could be completely pig-headed sometimes, he refused to let her shut him out, she was his future and he was hers he just had to make sure she stuck the course, was willing to be patient and believe in him until he could finally leave the agency.
I sort of clicked what the twist in the tale for the two of them was, with respect to what Essie had in store, she completely doted on Joe and when it all come to fruition I was grinning from ear to ear, that woman played her hand like a pro!
They were honest characters, they had great hearts and they deserved the future that they not only worked for themselves but also what fate had a hand in.
The book was jam packed with characters that I just loved, Faith’s friends were fabulous, her mother and sisters- oh dear lord, don’t get me started on them…I may need a sedative, disgraceful women! Dale, her father, was amazing, he loved her without expectation, as long as she was happy so was he, Joe’s friends Shawn and Carrie brought a smile to my face as did the rest of his family but my heart was completely stolen by Essie.

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