Uncaged by Harper Sloan


A fabulous addition to the Corps Security Series - in this we spend time with the behemoth that is Greg Cage and his totally awesome family , not to disregard getting to catch up with Axel, Ash, Sway, the rest of the crew and the enigma that is Maddox Locke!!!!!!!!


Greg Cage is a huge man in every way and the one thing that we have already learnt about Greg from his own story Cage, is that the biggest thing about him is his heart.

He gives unconditionally and when he met Melissa, his heart was never going to be the same again because along with her nephew Cohen, they wandered into his life , took up residence in his soul and completed occupied his heart and they have remained there ever since.

In this novella, Greg is going to have to protect his heart at all costs because despite the humour and there is plenty of that - man I love Cohen - he is so funny!!! And his relationship with Greg is just so touching that it would take a hardened soul to not be able to feel the love between the pair of them oozing from the page.

The book actually centres around the fact that Melissa and Greg are pregnant and for a tough guy like Greg, being a father is something he never anticipated having and while he considers and always refers to Cohen as his son, he is hyper excited about them becoming parents. The scene at sonogram, is beyond funny - it had tears running down my cheeks. As did the situation with Greg and assembling nursery furniture!

The emotions stirred and expressed during the events surrounding Melissa and the birth was so emotional and the love between Melissa and Greg really wrapped itself around every word on the page.

The relationship between Cohen and the enigma that is Maddox Locke is just fabulous, when he kneels beside Cohen at Melissa's bed to sing help the little boy sing to him mum, my heart just burst for both of them - there is something about him that just tell me that despite his outward demeanour is truly is one of life’s good guys, I absolutely love Maddox. We have had glimpses of his past here and there throughout all the previous novels but I doubt I am alone when I say that I long for the day when I get to read his own story - because I know that he definitely has one hell of a tale to tell.

Uncaged is a beautiful story told by an absolute master of the written word.

It will more than hold your attention but above all hold your heart


Rating 4.5 out of 5