I'll Be There

by Samanatha Chase


Zach and Gabriella has a spark, that is something that can definitely be said for the two of them but I thought in many ways they were perhaps too similar to ever find a happy balance, there were both quite volatile and hot-headed.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t enthralled by the sexual tension between the two of them…honestly I was!

Zach wasn’t an easy man to like, not that I hated him I didn’t, he just made me work for his story, I wanted him to be the strong confident man that I had pictured in my head abut he spent a lot of his time moaning and that was sort of off putting. I know he had things that he had a right to be despondent about but really man, get a grip!

I also found that I took offense at the way he spoke to Gabriella at times and again that really was a trait that I found peeved me, I think he was heading for a DNF at one point, if it hadn’t been for Gabriella and the fact that she obviously had a whole heap more patience that I could ever dream to possess, I would have been spitting chips at him, she calmed the whole thing down, including me.

I liked Gabriella, I admired her strength and the fact that she was willing to turn the other cheek on so many occasions. I doubt I would have been able too.

I liked the secondary characters, namely Summer but overall, I would have to say that while I enjoyed the book on the whole, it was tough going.

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