Broken Love

by Jillian Dodd


I missed book one, I know I am willingly standing in the naughty corner, feeling suitable ashamed.

And while this book can be read as a standalone, I will be diving onto Amazon and into book one as soon as possible, I have just got to get me some more of these fabulous Crawford boys.

This is the story of Cade and Palmer and while they had a shot at being together when they were younger, there was one sticking point that eventually put paid to their secret relationship…Palmer was Cade’s best friends little sister and we all know that stupid “No dating your friend’s sister rule” that guys seem to be confused about…come on guys get a grip!

But despite the fact that they have been flying solo for years, they are constantly dipping in and out of each other’s lives, their ties are bound too tight and the connections just keep on coming and on this particular occasion, nature is getting in on the act too.

But is it a case of asking when will life give them a break or on this occasion is it giving them a helping hand?

I think it might be easy to assume that you can almost choreograph where this story might go but I am pleased to say that you would be barking up the wrong tree because the author was able to ensure that the it wasn’t only the sexual tension that built to a crescendo, the whole story just built, bit by bit, page by page.

The tension there was between Cade and Palmer was not only palpable it was completely understandable, they had allowed convention to tear them apart but with the secrets they continued to harbour and the angst that neither of them was willing to shed would they ever be able to reach a happy place or would they find that life was easier apart? Would they fight or would the weight of it all force them to call time again?

The author crammed the story full of superb characters, she hit it out the park with the depth of feeling and the pull that they all brought to the table, especially Palmer’s big brother Pike and her assistant Tori.

Topic: Broken Love by Jillian Dodd

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