Running Mate

by Katie Ashley

There is absolutely nothing not to like about the way that Katie Ashley constructs a story but I found this a little more pedestrian than I would have hoped.

Barrett Callahan dad is about to run for president and the only blemish on the horizon is Barrett and his womanising ways. So his father makes an executive decision to clean up Barrett’s reputation and that means he has to become a one-woman man…so in steps his hand-picked fake fiancé…Addison!

Addison works for Barrett’s father she is on his campaign team, but pulling of a relationship between her and Barrett, while on the campaign trail is something that is going to take nerves of steel…can she manage it!

They were polar opposites of each other with their minds firmly entrenched, they both thought they knew exactly what made the other tick but they couldn’t have been further from the truth because once they hit that road, the sparks were set to fly and the walls they were hoping to keep so firmly in tact started to crumble.

They grated on each other but by rubbing each other up the wrong way they started to get underneath the skin, Barrett actually let Addison see the real him and she began to soften her stance. Barrett was hooked and watching him fall was fabulous but I would have liked to have spent a little more time with not only him but Addison.

The pace of the story felt right, for most of the time but there were parts of the book that I would have like to have spent a little more time with.

A light-hearted look at the unattainable perceptions expected in today’s political scene.

Topic: Running Mate by Katie Ashley

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