Roped In

by L P Dover


Hired to protect a singing sensation, Blake Evans has just become Hadley Rivers shadow, and protect her he will at all costs.

Hadley has a stalker that isn’t content with just watching from the shadows anymore, he is come out firing and with one dead and another wounded Hadley’s dad does what any self-respecting parent would do – he gets her the heck out of town and into hiding.

After the murder of her bodyguard and the attempted murder of her friend and pseudo boyfriend Nick, Hadley and her family are at their wits end. Someone has turned up the crazy dial on her stalker and her life is now in what can safely be described as in imminent peril.

Blake really has other things he would rather be doing that looking after Hadley but when money is no object and you know that you are the best man for the job, would you turn it down…not a chance.

This reluctant shadow is happiest when he is on his ranch, surrounded by his horses and the wide open spaces of the land he calls home, having Hadley in his paces is just not on his agenda, he need this lunatic caught so he can get back to normal!

But will he be able to keep her from the clutches of the Stalker or will he find that the only arms he wants her in are his?

I have to say that they get off to a less than auspicious start – things are more than a little frosty down on the ranch – but when they take some time and start to lower the defences, this sure start to heat up. They are actually really good together, the banter between them was like listening to friend, it was humorous and flirtatious – eventually! But what neither of them could deny no matter how much they wanted to was the fact that they were attracted to each other and fighting the inevitable was a lost cause.

The mystery, whodunit element of the story burbled its way, I want to say discretely but it wasn’t in some respects – it was like a lingering smell, it permeated every characteristic of the book but Blake was relentless and the twists and turns meant that it was with us all the way until the end.

A good read – would I recommend it – yep I think I would, would I read another by this author – you betcha!!

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