Renegade Reject by Dawn Martens and Emily Minton

Renegade Reject by Emily Minton and Dawn Martens

Book Two in the Renegade Sons MC Series

Following hot on the heels of the inimitable Renegade Lady, this is the story of Preach and Daisy and whilst it may not be as insanely intense as book one in my opinion it is a fantastic read and you will through the course of their story learn to both Love and Hate them both at different points.

Daisy (or Little Flower as she is referred to through the book) is naïve to say the least initially but that does not forgive the fact that having grown up around the MC she does some incredible stupid things – I mean walking home in the early hours of the morning knowing full well that there is a group of degenerates around – just plain stupid!

Preach is the star of the story in my opinion, not to say he is a good guy by any stretch of the imagination – he is a complete bastard to Daisy on many occasions but given his upbringing and the interference that there is from the club whore Leah and Daisy’s mother Luna- it is safe to say that his head is well and truly fucked up.

The book starts with Garrett "Preach" Austin and his childhood – as traumatic as it is and ain the end we find him in prison. He learn that being the child of a man of god does nothing to protect you from his zealous behaviour and his wife’s apathy. I will not call them his parents because their treatment of both Preach and his sister Tabby is inhuman to say the least they are beyond contempt.

Prison is the making of Preach and he comes under the protection of the Renegade Sons, leaving prison leaves him with nowhere to go – not wanted at home and with his sister having no option but to discontinue contact with him in order to save her marriage – Preach turns to the only family he has ever know – the MC.

Daisy’s childhood has been far from a bed of roses but despite her father being both a drunk and absent most of the time – he is a whole heap better than the disgrace that she has the misfortune to call her mother! Luna is a category 1 bitch and is not only foulmouthed and resentful to her daughter but she is violent and reprehensible in every way imaginable.

Her ending can’t come soon enough and will always be way too easy. I would love to make this bitch suffer a lifetime like Daisy has.

Preach is drawn to Daisy from the minute he meets her – an overwhelming desire to protect her encapsulates his soul. His overwhelming urge to claim her as his own – not bad right off the bat!. And for the first time in her life, Daisy has someone who is prepared to give her time and attention.

Their relationship is like playing Battleships – one wrong call and it will explode in your face and OMG did it explode or implode if you want because they were the masters of their own demise on many occasions.

Time and Time again I felt like screaming at my kindle for the two of them to open their eyes and really look at each other – there was only ever going to one outcome with the pair of them but reaching it was littered with both chaos and heartache.

The book is an emotional read - one that spins you round, spits you out and then does it all over again just for the shit and giggles of it all.

Preach doesn’t cover himself with glory through this novel but I was hooked waiting to see how he would redeem himself to Daisy. He was tormented by his past and almost lost his future because of it – it was painful to watch the agony that outsiders caused both him and Daisy but also to see the pain he caused himself with his actions towards the one woman he truly loved.

Daisy loved him but would not cow-tail to him in any way – he wanted her he would have to work for it – good girl!!! As with Ice (who makes a welcome appearance in this story) Daisy proves that these Renegade Sons have some pretty tough women behind them!

This is a tough story to read at points because as the reader you could see the deception at hand and felt the devastation that it was causing and that made me sorry for both Preach and Daisy.

But please understand that this is not a smooth road to a happy ever after – this is a trudge through the depths of despair in order to survive and to make your life what you want and need.

I love the first book and this is no different – great characters who all come out to play. We get a little of Kidd and Ice, a little more Reese and the start of the romance between Timber and Tabby – Yeh!!!!