Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders



Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

Aged 19 Lauren finds herself head of the household and ranch by default. Following the death of her father, she is left with the unenviable task of trying to raise her two younger sisters and keep the ranch going.

Unfortunately following the funeral she makes a discovery that has devastating consequences for that dream and may even tear her family apart – the ranch they love so dearly – may be slipping from their grasp. An unexpected solution is placed before her and a trip to the courthouse the following day, means that their future on the ranch is secure – but at what cost – has she sold her soul?

Seven years later, Chase is back in town and settling himself up to stay and assist his father with the family veterinary practise. He is also hoping to find a way to expand the connection between him and Lauren that was made 7 years earlier.

Lauren is adamant that there arrangement is nothing more than business but Chase made a calculated move before he left tying Lauren to him – he wanted her for himself and now he is back to show her that he is a man of his word and her for her and to stay.

What ensures is a battle of wills, raging between the pair of them.

Do they get their happy ever after well, what do you think?

I enjoyed the book – I thought Lauren was a little irritating at times but then again if I had had the responsibility that she had at 19 and been left to make it all work for those around me, maybe I would be as guarded as she was.

Chase on the other hand I found to be most charming and definitely determined – he obviously was in it for the long haul right from the beginning and what woman could love a man that was prepared to wait for her.

Rating 4 out of 5