Imperfect by Cherry Shephard

This book hits hard, right off the bat. It digs its claws in and doesn’t let up.

Emotionally it is a handful but moreover the characters are absolute page turners.

Ethan Stone is Special Forces and his last tour has left him with after effects that emotionally he is having trouble reconciling, but the bottom of a bottle is no place to find the resolution, no matter how hard he looks.

Afghanistan dealt him a harsh blow and his experiences are once that he can’t shake but when he comes into contact with Shannon Harper, he has a kindred spirit so to speak because life has run Shannon ragged. She has weathered the rages of her past and come out the other side of the pain that her past has dished up for her but like Ethan, she has scars that refuse to go away.

Shannon is doing what she can to start again, she trying to get herself back on her feet after a relationship that was both physically and emotionally brutal. But can they form a friendship that will stand the trials and tribulations for the past?

Can the people who refuse to leave them be, finally be put in their place?

I found the story beautifully engaging, the characters had a sense of normality about them that made their story pop.

I finished the book with a feeling that they were so much more than just names on a page, fictional characters, they mattered and what they had not only been through but what their futures held was important to me, I needed them to have a happy ending!

Topic: Imperfect by Cherry Shephard

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