Wreck My World

by Victoria Ashley

It has been a while since I tucked into a Victoria Ashley novel, but when I read the blurb on this, I just knew I had to dive straight in.
This is an author that plays with emotions with absolute mastery, she wealds that sexy sharp attitude with precision, allowing characters that are perfectly developed to show every aspect of themselves and their relationship with razor-sharp wit and delivery.
Dakota and Easton should have had their chance when they were much younger, their shot at happiness but it was snatched from them before they even had a chance to see what they could have been but second time around they are facing up to everything that happened in the past by living with an element of unwitting guilt that seems to be slowly destroying the pair of them.
Dakota doesn’t know which way she wants to jump, one minute she hates Easton and the next she is sure that she is ready to give her heart to the guy that she missed out on, but the question was …which would she finally jump?
Easton and Dakota together were sizzling, their connection totally smoldered with a passion that only a couple that had experience true heartache could bring to the page. The author gave their past the airing it deserved, she almost exorcised it for the two of them, laying bare their sad past in order to not only explain their angst but to encourage their awe.

Topic: Wreck My World by Victoria Ashley

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