by Katie McCoy

The last book in the Rascals series and I have to say that I am sorry to see these guys go.

I have been enthused by each of the guys and the women that have won their hearts, and this was no exception. One by one as the guys have settled down and found their happy ever afters, I was wondering who would be the lucky lady to catch the eye of the sexy as sin Dante.

Well I didn’t have to wait long, and I was more than a little surprised when Haley entered the frame, because there are opposites and then there is Dante and Hayley, the one guy that she probably should steer well clear of and the woman who is the total personification of being out of his league!

But could the girl with the world at her feet, be the woman to bring Dante to his knees? Oh, you bet she could!!

I loved the details of the story, the fact that much of Dante’s personality has been a closely guarded secret, he has always been lurking in the shadows of Rascals, very really putting much of himself into the business, in fact he put more of himself into activities that that may have had the authorities playing very close attention, had he not been so astute.

The author made sure that despite the lure of this slightly dangerous air about him, he was a man that you wanted to get to know, he was moody and mysterious but darn it I was smitten.

With regards to Hayley, well there wasn’t much that had been let slip in the previous stories other than they fact she was Emerson’s little sister and since Dante and Emerson were partners, it appeared that any connection between the two of them was destined to be far from smooth sailing. The author pitched this just perfectly, it was not only great fun but it was also engagingly angsty, neither Hayley or Dante were what I expected them to be, they were strong characters who were dogged with not only self-doubt but also familial interference, her old folks and her brother were a force to be reckoned with!
With questions that just kept on coming, I couldn’t help but wonder whether what they could have was enough to keep them both where they needed to be?

Highly recommended.


Topic: Troublemaker by Katie McCoy

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