Lily and the Beast 1 by Amelia Jayne

Geez, this one will grab you by the throat and shake you silly!

Faced with a decision that no-one let alone a parent would ever want to have to consider. Lily’s father is facing serious prison time but is given the chance to avoid seeing the inside of a jail cell by agreeing to give up one of his daughters for the next year.

Yeh, like that is ever going to happen I hear you say – well scared people make poor choices and feeling partially responsible for the whole situation, Lily agrees to be the one to leave. One year away from everything and everyone she loves is a small price in her mind to save her father from prison but does she even consider the severity of the situation that she is entering.

Aidan Pierce is the beast that has laid the terms and conditions of the agreement, this reclusive man has a predilection for all things sadistic, but he is more than a little surprised when he sees Lily stepping up to the plate. Lily is different to the women that he normally has dealings with, this young woman is beautiful, kind and spirited and Aidan finds it strange that she would willingly submit to the next year with him. But then again he really didn’t leave the family with many options.

The plot is handled well although I have to say that I found the whole scenario had my imagination whirring at a million miles an hour. I cursed Aidan for what he was doing and also Lily in some respects for going along with it but then again I also had some sympathy because I considered what must be wrong for Aidan to believe that it is acceptable to force this sort of situation on anyone. I couldn’t help but question why Aidan lives his life the way he does, what exactly has driven this man to hide away behind closed doors?

There are so many questions that remain unanswered, thoughts that are galloping around in my head and that have me questioning the sanity of both of the main characters but it is Aidan has me completely bemused because I know that some say that money and power corrupt but dear lord – there is the matter of common decency!

When it comes to Lily and Aidan I have to say that I am torn between what I should think about their situation and what I actually do. As twisted and abhorrent as it started out I can’t help but garner the eroticism and thrill of it all.

Characterisation is handled with both flare and drama. The sensuality and erotism of the story are also handled with the touch of a seasoned pro and the cliff hanger at the end was exceptional.

As a first book I have to say that it was a great effort and I am heading straight for book 2