Dirty Player by Stacey Lynn

Kicking her cheating ex to the curb, Shannon packs her bags and leaves town, deciding that she needs a fresh start and an opportunity to spread her wings.

Her brother Beaux has always been able to rely on his sister, she practically brought him up, foregoing everything she had to in order to ensure that he was able to achieve his goals, and now he is the star quarterback for the Raleigh Rough Riders, he is ready to repay her dedication, so unbeknown to her he buys her a property and gives her the opportunity to kick start her business.

Everything seems to happen all at once for Shannon because no sooner has she gotten her head around the fact that she is not only single again but she now has a few short weeks to get her business off the ground but she also comes face to face with Beaux’s teammate…the delicious Oliver Powell.

Now getting involved with Oliver is a minefield, after all Beaux has to work with him and add to that the fact that the delightful Mr Powell has a reputation that definitely precedes him but there is just something about him that has her struggling to keep her distance…and the feeling is most definitely mutual. So they strike a bargain, a friends with benefits arrangements so to speak that will last the preseason with no expectations and no foul come the day they call time.

They were so sure that they could handle the passion between them without there being any ill effects and like Shannon, Oliver had been down the commitment path before and had his fingers burned, so I have everything crossed that they actually knew what they were doing because otherwise it was going to get very, very messy indeed both on and off the field!

I liked the whole chemistry they had going on, they were really, really great together but they had so much more than just being epic between the sheets. They were really good for each other and I loved the fact that Shannon was able to get under the surface of his public persona and see the really Oliver, the guy that the world had no idea existed. When they were finally able to be themselves they were glorious.

I hope we get a little more of Melissa, Shannon’s best friend, I really liked her and the energy she brought to the story and I am almost certain that there is something brewing between her and Beaux, how fabulous.

Topic: Dirty Player by Stacey Lynn

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