Screwing Around

by Alexis Wilder

I read the first book in this series and I loved it, Cassie was a treat to read and with this the second book my initial opinion has not changed, this is a woman that I think I want to spend an evening in the wine bar with!

Her life continues to be a constant source of not only material for her articles (now she is back at TenFootPole) but also work for her and by that, I mean she had her hands full keeping everything on track. There was so much going on that she never seemed to have a dull moment.

What I found funny, was that despite the fact that she seemed to attract attention (whether she wanted it or not) she was still able to keep the anonymity that she required in order to continue as her alter ego the Tinseltown Temptress.

I liked the depth that author poured into Cassie, she packed the story with events that barely gave me time to draw breath, I mean dang Cassie must have really pi**ed someone off in a previously life to have the sheer volume of issues that seemed to be lining up for her, from her lunatic of an ex… right up to the head case that was willing to take his threats to the absolute extreme it was non stop and temper that with the issues surrounding her mother and a tense situation building between herself and her friend Matt, I was beginning to wonder if Cassie would be able to keep her head above water?

She struggled to keep everything she held dear in one place, her role as the Tinseltown Temptress was taking its toll on her in ways that she hadn’t anticipated, keeping her job a secret was proving to be more and more difficult than it was cost her more than a few sleepless nights, not to mention impacting the relationship she had with some of her friends.

I could prattle on and on about just how much was going on in this book but I think this review might actually begin to resemble a shopping list if I did, there was just too much going on to ever be able to do it justice in just a few words. So, I will concentrate not on the characters (who were fabulous) but on the book, itself, I think the author pulled everything out the bag with this, it was fabulously well written, but then having read the first book, I expected no less, it was grammatically spot on, it had a spritely flow and an ambitious tone.

The book was hard to put down and that is always a good sign, it was engaging and just enough angst to keep me on my toes, difficult to categorize really I think this had a little something for everyone but for me…well, I loved it and simply adore Cassie!

Topic: Screwing Around by Alexis Wilder

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