Interference by Sophia Henry

Local cop Jason Taylor coached the kid’s hockey team and more to the point one of the kids on that team just happens to be the little brother of single mother Linden Meadows.

Now Linden isn’t shy at speaking her mind when it comes to her love of hockey or the love she has for her little brother, so get yourself somewhere in the middle of all of that and you are going to experience the sharp end of her already potent tongue, Jason experienced that first hand when he thought it a smart move to bench her bro!

But this smart cop is more than able to dish out his own retribution when as part of the day job he pulls her over for speeding…but almost as quickly as she was whipping down the road, Jason pulls his own quick manoeuvre and asks her out on a date.

I had high hopes for this pair, she needed a nice guy and Jason was a really nice guy, he cared about not only Linden but also her son, and he put everything on the line to make sure that he was there for them both. But when Holden’s father make his presence felt, would Jason still be keen to keep his place or would he step back to give the little guy a chance to know his dad…I was hoping not the guy was an out and out a$$.

They had a lot to overcome in some respects but depending on how you looked at it the choices were fairly simple one to make, Jason was what Linden and Holden needed and they were everything that he not only wanted but couldn’t live without, the issue was finding a way to make it work.

I thought the author did a really good job of showing that life takes work, that having what you want and need is worth working for and that finding a way to make all that work is all about the journey and not the destination.

The story was fairly light but the characters were really endearing and this was a great vacation read.

Topic: Interference by Sophia Henry

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