Fiend by Rachael Orman


Straight back on the tale of where the first book ended, this is the continuation of John and Alix’s story.

Alix now knows who her Master is and it is taking a little getting used to.

Trying to get her head around the fact that the man that controls her every move when she is his submissive at Scene, is the man that she has watched lustfully at work, has messed with her head but armed with this I had to say that I was hopeful that they would be able to take a step forward and perhaps develop a relationship outside of the club.

The connection between the two of them is so hot it will have you reaching for the fan but what held my attention was the fact that the two of them seemed prepared to give what they have the opportunity to grow.

John is a fabulously dominant man but he has a softer side that every now and then he lets loose. The way he feels for Alix is different for him, it shakes his perceptions and gives him cause to feel more than he had anticipated but Alix, she is still riddled with self-doubt – she needs the constant reassurance that John and his dominant personality can give her – she needs to know that under his care and control she needn’t really on herself and her urges – because he will always take care of her.  

I was a touch miffed with her really, I got that she was the way she was and that under John her addition could be controlled – but that was John’s doing – I thought that she had really only replaced one addiction with another – her sex addition with her addition to John.

The secrets from book one are still abound, has nobody ever heard of actually telling the truth! They are victims of their own lies and I have no sympathy with them. The fact that they refuse to open up completely means that they leave themselves vulnerable, they open the door to doubt and misunderstanding and for others to use that against them … point in question being Mariah, John’s delusional ex. Honestly people – open up!

A well written and sharp read that is hot enough to have you looking for the shade in which to cool yourself down.