Riot Street

by Tyler King

A seriously sharp, emotionally astute read, Riot Street brought it’s A game and in my opinion it was absolutely first class. Told from Avery Avalon’s point of view, what we get to read and understand about her past and how that has impacted her present was astonishing.

I thought the depth of emotion that the author was able to inject, meant that this was a story that could easily be described as being passionately raw.

Ethan and Avery are connected through the events of her past but they had never met in person but when that changes and they are finally face to face what lies between them finally had the opportunity to rise to the surface and there is no chance of it being tamed. This was a connection that refused to be left in the dark anymore.

While it is obvious just how heavily the past weighs on the person that Avery is now, my only question was would she almost allow it to continue to define her or would she be able to finally find the mental strength to break free once and for all?

The crunch comes when her relationship with Ethan actually kicks off and it is then that this ornery man comes into his own. I say ornery because there were times when I wasn’t sure what she saw in him, he was more complicated and cantankerous that was easy to forgive. He erred on the side of being complicated most of the time but when he wasn’t…the guy that shone through was enough to melt my heart, he was beautifully complicated.

I enjoyed the journey that the two of them took me on, they encouraged me to think carefully about the importance of putting one foot in front of the other, of leaving the past where it belongs and moving forward. Of taking a hold of your hopes and dreams and doing everything in your power to make them reality, of embracing love in whatever guise it is presented to you and allowing yourself to be loved. Your past is what you learn from, everything in life a lesson and success is what you make from what you have experienced and Ethan and Avery allow us to journey with them as they learn this.

Vividly descriptive, awash with emotional overtures and full of encouragement for both the characters and readers alike, this was a beautiful read, it was dark in some places but only when it was absolutely needed.

This is my second book by this author and I have to say that having enjoyed them both, this is an author I look forward to seeing more of in the very near future.

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