Always Yours

by Claire Raye

A super quick, extra sassy novella that sets the tone very nicely for the forthcoming Love & Wine series.

I liked the first glimpse we got of Ellen and Will and I have to say that I hope to see a lot more of the pair of them but with Jack and Lauren up next in the first full novel of the series, I may have to wait a little while.

As you would expect in a novella, the author worked hard to get in as much details as she could and for the most part it worked, it was hard not to totally adore not just Will and Ellen but the superb cast of other characters but at times it was all taking place a breakneck speed. I would have loved a little more time, a chance to revel in their company and to honestly get under their skin, although it was impossible not to admit that they were the perfect pair, even if it wasn’t all plain sailing.

Written beautifully this more than piqued my interest for what is to come…so on to book one!


Topic: Always Yours by Claire Raye

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