Mercy by M N Forgy

When Reign finished, I had one of those moments when I actually thought I go stir crazy waiting for the next book, patience is definitely not something I do well, but thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long on this little beauty hitting my kindle and when it did, it showed absolutely no mercy whatsoever, this lived up to its title in every which way possible and I loved it.

Now if you haven’t read Reign, then be warned you need to read it before you go anywhere near this book, because this will make no sense at all unless you do, I know more reading (what’s a girl to do!) but at least you will know that you have this lined up to read straight after, so when the cliff-hanger at the end of Reign smacks you round the head, you won’t be left reeling for long…yah result!

So what about this without give away the juicy bits, well there are lots and lots of juicy bits in it so you will completely love it, but it is not at all what I thought I was going to get after reading the first book. These characters stand their ground, they are true to themselves and as for them being together really it should be like trying to mix oil and water and as impossible as their situation might be they made for each other.

The dynamic of the book, the introduction of Zeek’s brother Lip and his MC and all things manic and illegal in between had my head fit to burst. I read this in one sitting, so engrossed that I skipped dinner, I just had to finish!

Zeek and Jillian are on the run, trying to stay safe and to avoid the myriad of dangers that they have hunting them down. But can they make it to safety and if they do will they still be together?

After the events at the end of Reign they know they can’t trust anyone, heck it is doubtful if they would ever be able to trust anyone in Vegas ever again but Zeek has contacts, some might not be pleased to see him but they are his only hope and he heads to the only family he has.

The chemistry between the two of them is electrifying, they just spark a fire in each other that hasn’t a hope of ever being dampened down and when their situation is a dire as it could possibly be, I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I wasn’t going to like the outcome.

But the author was able to provide a story that way quite simply exceptional, the desire that came across the page, the resilience and desperation that both Zeek and Jillian exhibited, the sheer agony that they were not only physically but mental put through was nothing short of breath-taking.

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that I am stunned that the author managed to get all this on paper, the chatter, the humour, the violence, the honesty it all had its place and it all fitted seamlessly into the plot, the characters sprung off the page.

There were questions left unanswered at the end that has me with fingers and toes crossed that the Sin City Outlaws might be back, I seriously hope so. But when it came to this book

I could ignore the fact that Zeek was a bad guy, I didn’t care.

I could ignore the fact that Jillian should have never gotten involved with him in the first place, I didn’t care

I could ignore the fact that people were hurt and bad people didn’t pay for their crimes in a way they deserved, I didn’t care

But I couldn’t ignore the way that Zeek cared for Jillian, his rookie mattered to him, the way despite his upbringing he was prepared to die for the one person that he loved, the one person in the world that he should never have been with but could live without, that I cared about, that hit me soul deep because that is what it means to be in love.

His upbringing may have “ turned Zeek into a weapon." But Jillian gave him light at the end of his very dark path and the future that had together was destined to be spectacular.

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