by London Casey

I am keeping my fingers crossed that by now you are an aficionado of the whole Back Down Devils MC series because if you aren’t then you have a missed a whole heap pf good stuff and you need to get that back catalogue ordered now because this is book 15 and it is every bit as brilliant as the books that have come before!

They say that opposites attract and that couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to Hudson and Cora, they are practically fire and ice but putting them together was a stroke of genius on behalf of the author because once I got involved in the story, I was totally hooked.

Hudson lives and breathes the club, and each of the brothers that he has acquired since joining the MC are guys that he would lay his life on the line for, he will protect them to the very death as you would expect but when that truth is brought to life and he is injured as he attempts protect one of them, he is left facing a future that is filled with frustration as he battles to get his fitness back and back on is bike.

For this sexy a**ed alpha male his broken leg, quickly becomes the least of his worries because one Cora gets her hands on him, his heart and sanity are on the line too.

Cora is a firecracker but all is not as it initially appears because as much as we get glimpses of that initial bravado being a strategically constructed shell. Working with Hudson as his therapist isn’t exactly a hardship but she isn’t willing to jump into things quite as easily as you may have thought she would, she is cagey and is dead set on taking things easy with Hudson. But as difficult as them being together might appear, they soon realise that not being together is quite simply not an option.

They have to find a way to make what they have work and to overcome the obstacles, angst and attitude that they face along the way. There were a few extra twists and turns that caught me by surprise and an element or two of danger that I really found piqued my interest, I wanted to know what the heck was going on.

Would they survive?

Would the MC survive the illicit threat that they seemed to be facing?

There was a lot to love about the book, the clarity of the story and the crisp descriptions, the detail of the dynamic of the club and the intensity of the threat that they were under all made this a book that was impossible to put down.

Topic: Broken by London Casey

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