Fine Line

by A.D. Justice

A proper read, and by that I mean it is a story that you have to follow intently, one that you have to give due attention to because there are a lot of directions that this can head off towards and most of the time I wasn’t actually sure if they were going to slip past me.

Nick is an undercover agent, who was undercover with the Devil’s Dominion, a 1% MC club that leave a stain wherever they go, nothing is left unblemished and by the time he is able to take them down that unfortunately includes Nick. Because by the time the trial is underway Nick is walking a very narrow line between being able to give enough evidence to put them all away and being tarred with the same brush by the defence as they lay out the details of just exactly what he was up to whilst eh was with the club. Either way the future is far from easy and it has the potential to get a whole lot more complicated.

Savannah partner is Butch, and he is one of the guys in the The Devil’s Dominion, but he hasn’t been caught up in the raid and hence while his brothers are in the dock, he is free and continuing to make Savannah’s life miserable. Butch thinks nothing of using his fists and not just with those that deserve it, Savannah has been on the sharp end of his beatings for more of than she would have liked but everyone has their limits and the second that Savannah has her financial cushion squirrelled away, she intends to get out…the issue is the fact that Butch isn’t too keen on letting her go.

Nick and Savannah's are literally thrown together when they are both in the same place and she is facing yet another tirade from Butch. Little did they know that the events of the day in that coffee shop would change their lives, but would it be for the best or were they destined to fail?

Nick cared and that was the thing that I loved about him, he saw past the surface and whilst he didn’t like the fact that she had been abused by Butch, he didn’t dwell on it, he wanted the woman that was inside that battered shell. I thought Savannah was a little more difficult to get my head around, I thought she was at times little too willing accept everything.

I wanted a tad more from her, a woman that had been through so much and that should have been more wary. Their journey was a little more rushed than I would have liked but that didn’t mean that it didn’t have enough detail because it did, I would have just liked to have spent a little more time with that information.

Overall a good read that was a solid 4 stars


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