Bend by The Erotica Consortium

Bend by The Erotica Consortium

A compilation of Original Novellas by 8 of the Best.


Kick by C.D. Reiss

We are introduced to Fiona Drazen – currently under court appointed observation in an approved institution following her attempted murder of her Master.

Remembering nothing is not enough – she has a world of hurt in her past and the pain is only just beginning – how does she go on without the man she cannot live without.

Fiona has issues, far too many to mention and with Dr Elliot Chapman, trying to unravel her history and what makes her tick – all I am left with is the overwhelming question of what makes him tick? He has an ulterior motive – we just don’t know what it is. I was left intrigued.

I liked this and having not read the authors previous series – I promptly set about downloading all of her works and when the rest of this series is release I will be first to “one-click”

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Unraveled by K. Bromberg

Lily marriage has been stagnant for a while and she wants nothing more than to inject a little spark back between the sheets. But when her husband has to remain at home on their romantic getaway in Italy, Lily is left with a bottle of wine and her kindle for company or so she thinks.

Drowning her sorrows alone at the bar, she starts to make her way back to the hotel only to end up in the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Coming too naked and tied to the bed, she is used and abused for his pleasure – not hers or so you would think but is it wrong to be turned on by what is happening to her? Perhaps but she is powerless to stop it.

Guilt and uncertainty plague Lily and returning home she is a changed woman but the circumstances for her abduction may not have been what she thought???

Genius – Pure Genius!

Rating 5 out of 5

COME by J.A. Huss

Living alone suits Harper perfectly it keeps her safe or so she thought until James. Born into a world that holds no relevance to her, she was destined for a prearranged marriage at the hands of her father to a much older man at the age of 18 – she is on the run and determined for it to stay that way.A creature of habit – she follows her daily routine and does not deviate from it.

James has spent months watching Harper – getting to know her without her knowing – he has been in her home, knows her routine – he knows her and more to the point – he wants her because he knows in his heart that she is HIS. His Alpha tendencies aside he is determined that they get to know each other, because the one thing he will not do is give her up. But to get his girl he may have to do something more – he may have to acquiesce his power to her.

The plot is exceptional, the characters intriguing and the chemistry is off the charts.

Bring on Dirty, Dark and Dangerous – if this is an insight then I’m on-board!!!!!!!!!!

Rating 5 out of 5


Red & Wolfe by Ella James

Sarah “Red” Ryder is broke, jobless and alone – with no-one too turn too she reaches out to a woman she knows nothing about – her Grandmother. Despite previous rejections and apathy, she has nothing to lose, so when she gets a sudden injection of cash into her bank account and a ticket to visit the island that her grandmother calls home, she jumps at the chance. Arriving she discovers all is definitely not what it appears and is meet by a handsome stranger -J. Wolfe, the infamous and now reclusive artist, who has his own agenda.

Looking forward to more of this story – this taster was simply not enough

Rating 4.5 out of 5

The Devil in Me by K.I. Lynn

Jared has a shed load has shit going on in his life- a sick mother and a bitch of an ex who is intent on making his like a misery. Seeking sanctuary, he takes a minute to stop at his local church and is immediately entranced by the anonymous beauty sitting in the pew in front. His every thought from that minute on is of her.

Hope is the beauty that has him captivated and when he finds her at his local restaurant it becomes obvious that the feeling is mutual.

There isn’t a hope in hell that he will let her get away now – This is a belter of a book – Jared is the type of guy that will melt your heart along with your knickers!

I loved this and again – please give us more of the delightful Jared!!!

Rating 5 out of 5


Worth by Shay Savage

A historically centred novella which is not my cup of tea but was without doubt well written and enjoyable.

The story centres around Tribunus Faustus, a high ranking roman soldier, and the slave intrusted to care for him while he recovers from his injuries. She is a lowly slave to all those around her but as he gets to know her he understands that she is worth more than the coins it will take to buy her – she is so much more. But can a man of his standing develop feelings for a slave – yes?

Rating 3.5 out of 5

These Men by Andrea Smith

Paige Matthews is looking for purpose, not love but embarking on her new job with the FBI, she alienates one of her brothers and his family, has another brother that is apathetic at best so, when she is left looking for a place of her own in one of the most expensive cities, she is given the perfect out – become a house mate.

Eli Chambers and his partner, Cain Maddox, are looking for a roommate. Their relationship is far from platonic but add Paige into the mix and it will never be the same again – these three just need a nudge and it will set their world alight.

Loved this despite the fact that Paige could be a like on the wearisome side at times.

Rating 4 out of 5

STILL by Alessandra Torre

How much can we get out of one night – a lifetime if we are lucky! Riley is in Vegas on her best friends bridal shower and has had enough – heading back to the room she stops to remove her shoes and is met head on by Brett, her knight in shining armour and when he escorts her to her room – and then leaves – she knows that she has just let a good thing off the hook.

Brett more than he has had but has he had his only chance? Wanting something more, time is not on his side but she just might be his forever.

This was a great short read and one that I want more of – PLEASE!!