Honey Bee

by Heather Shere

I saw the cover and surrendered, honestly completely done for! I flipped through each and every page, devouring every word along the way and sauntered past the last page with a sigh and a desire to start it all over again!

I thank the author for the fact that this was a story that was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be, it didn’t disappoint, it totally lived up to the blurb.

The story covered so many emotions, a small-town romance that was living in the big time.

Bo has absolutely no interest in having a relationship, happy in his own skin, this sexy bachelor is content with the day job, coaching athletics and doing what he wants when he wants the rest of the time, well that was up until the delightful Sofia and her sidekick Triton bowled into town and set about creating a life for themselves…now I should at this point clarify that Triton is her dog, although I swear that animal is smarter than a lot of people!

So what happens next, well as you can imagine, two singletons, neither of them looking for a relationship and …boom! the minute they meet the sparks started to fly and there was no going back, they were on path that neither of them could really control.

The connection between the two of them was delightful, the conversations and witty banter as totally engaging and added to the realism of their situation…but I have to say that they wouldn’t have been half the couple they were if it hadn’t been for Triton, he added that little something extra to the storyline and brought the whole thing to life.

A charming read that was the perfect tonic on a damp winter’s evening!

Topic: Honey Bee by Heather Shere

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